Product Spotlight: Time-Sensitive Networking Using DSA 2.9

cDAQ-9185 (left) and cDAQ-9189 (right). Image credit: National Instruments.

Signal.X is proud to announce a new release of our DSA 2.9 field NVH analyzer which includes support for new Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology. TSN is an update to the IEEE Ethernet standard aimed at standard time synchronization and deterministic communication over a network. In May 2017, National Instruments announced the new 9185 and 9189 CompactDAQ chassis. These devices include an onboard Ethernet switch developed around the new TSN standard. This allows for fully synchronized NVH measurements across multiple devices in a large-scale, distributed test system.

One or more cDAQ chassis can connect to a single host PC using a line, ring, or star topology, with each device separated by up to 100 meters of standard Ethernet cable. This approach introduces a tremendous amount of flexibility over previous solutions and opens the door to exciting new applications. Possibilities include distributed monitoring, large vehicle testing, structural testing, and others which require a degree of synchronization not possible with existing USB or Ethernet interfaces. Additionally, automakers are increasingly adopting Ethernet with TSN to coexist with CAN/LIN for in-vehicle communications. DSA already supports data acquisition over CAN, so by adopting TSN now we plan to stay competitive in this area well into the future.

By adding support for TSN devices to DSA 2.9, we remain on the cutting edge of new hardware options and are able to offer an even greater variety of efficient test and measurement solutions.

TSN is supported in DSA and later. Contact Signal.X today to learn more and arrange a demonstration.

To read the overview of DSA 2.9, click here.

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9185 4-slot chassis and 9189 8-slot chassis