SHIELD - NVH Metric Design and Deployment

Automated NVH Assessment

Shield is a platform for automated NVH assessment. Automate the assessment of quality and functional performance using dynamic data and metric-based decision making. Use Shield to design metric formulations and automate signal acquisition, processing and decision making in production and laboratory settings. Dynamic signals such as sound and vibration, often accompanied by supporting data from CAN bus or other analog input channels, are collected and used to formulate pass/fail metric and associated waveforms. Automated metric-based assessment requires a metric design environment to explore algorithms that will isolate defect signatures and quantify them with well-behaved metrics. Shield simplifies this process to three steps. Contact us today to see how we can make Shield work for your exact application requirements.

Metric Design

Complex dynamic signals are presented in a 3D time/frequency display where you can interactively explore signal details such as harmonics, resonance and impulse behaviors. Use standard NVH analysis methods to build 2D waveforms such as order cuts, spectra, impulse indicators and other time or angle domain analysis features. Extract the signal processing definition of important waveforms to the Feature Extraction List so they can be further processed into single-number metrics on the Feature Extraction Tab. Metrics extracted from features are available on the decision tab to define Pass/Fail criteria against individual metrics.

Metric Deployment

In automation, data collection and the computation of metrics are executed by the NVH Controller. This device can be embedded into almost any automated testing system and runs “headless” (no keyboard, mouse or monitor required). It will accept commands from typical industrial PLCs or any test sequencing system capable of Ethernet communication. Metric deployment allows us to embed NVH assessment capability in your test machine using a rugged industrial form factor with broad commercial acceptance in manufacturing plants and laboratories alike. We can help you devise a hardware configuration that will fit your needs.

Closing the Loop

Shield is a platform that includes the Shield PC app for metric design, our NVH controller for acquisition and computation of metrics, and Trove, our system for automated archival, batch processing and reporting. The investment to create big standardized data sets is amplified many times over when data is routinely reused to explore issues of design, keep pace with development and to improve process. When the answer resides in the data history, the Shield platform will give you the tools to extract, study and report it. Our team can assist you at every turn. We also have convenient support systems to guide you throughout the process.