NVH Test & Measurement Education

At Signal.X we are actively developing courses designed to introduce technicians and engineers to test and measurement fundamentals that are a necessity for both data consumers and data producers. Our years of industry-leading solutions and innovative services have made us a leader in NVH education. Our courses are taught from the perspective of active practitioners and use real-world examples and many live demonstrations to convey key concepts.

NVH Signal Processing Course

Practical NVH signal processing is designed as a starting point for those who want to understand the details behind typical NVH measurements. Engine manufacturers, automotive component suppliers, and suppliers to the aerospace industry are among those that have invested in this training.

Course Outline

  • FFT Basics
  • Windows, leakage and aliasing
  • Common analysis functions (auto power, cross power, transfer function, coherence)
  • Introduction to filters (up-sampling, down-sampling, re-sampling)
  • Rotating machinery basics – techniques in the order domain
  • Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) signal processing
  • Introduction to Time/Frequency methods

Connect to www.SAE.org to join “Practical NVH Signal Processing.” Contact SAE for dates, or to schedule an on-site course with Instructor Michael F. Albright, General Manager Signal.X Technologies LLC.

Custom Training Courses

Signal.X is available to create customized training which can blend LabVIEW skills development with domain-specific content for topics such as LabVIEW Real-Time development, developing with CompactRIO, and working with the National Instruments Sound and Vibration toolkit.