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We are a software-focused systems integrator specializing in the design, validation, and manufacturing of the latest generation of cyber-electromechanical test systems. We merge machine automation, functional test, and dynamic data into a single standardized, scalable platform.

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Signal.X has been working for the past 20 years building sophisticated software platforms for end-of-line testing. Our focus is on meeting the electrification revolution with software-defined platforms and building a team capable of deploying those platforms for a diverse range of customers. By combining cutting-edge software solutions with the experience of our engineering team, Signal.X can be your partner in meeting the needs of production testing for the future.


Our industry-leading software platforms leverage our experience in sound and vibration, automation, and data analysis. Integrated solutions and turnkey systems from Signal.X can incorporate one or more of our software products to provide a complete solution.

Automate the assessment of quality and functional performance using dynamic data and metric-based decision making. Use Shield in production and laboratory settings to facilitate standardized signal processing and analysis methodologies.

Trove is a server-based data archival, batch processing, and reporting environment that enables a central access point for multiple consumers of data who can collaborate on key initiatives while maintaining their own individual data processing.

STAX Automation Technology is an embedded software framework that bridges the gap between traditional PLC automation and PC-based programming. STAX enables control, high-speed data acquisition, and signal processing to be combined into one hardware platform.

Designed exclusively for use with NI acquisition hardware, DSA 2.9 is a mixed-signal sound and vibration analysis software tool that offers the essential capabilities for routine sound and vibration projects, plus the ability to include strain, CAN, temperature, and more.

The Scout TDMS Editor is an easy-to-use tool for viewing Technical Data Management Streaming data files and editing property values. View channel data in either graphical or tabular form and create and interact with cursors for basic math functions and filtering.


Customers who engage Signal.X are looking for a unique combination of experience, reliability, and responsiveness. Whether it is on the manufacturing floor, the research lab, or out in the field (sometimes literally), Signal.X can be your resource for your custom needs. Our team has applied our software platforms and expertise to a variety of applications, including electric vehicles, axles, engines, turbochargers, transmissions, hydraulic pumps, and other electromechanical products.



Our team is here to help you throughout the entire lifecycle of your project or machine. Browse our training and educational information and search through our document library. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Signal.X will work side-by-side with you in the design of a custom test machine and take responsibility for content that is critical to robust dynamic data. We’ll help ensure data quality and provide diagnostic and corrective action through commissioning.

We are actively developing courses designed to introduce technicians to test and measurement fundamentals that are a necessity for both data consumers and producers. Our courses use real-world examples and live demonstrations to convey key concepts.

Our main goal is to aid in your automation needs. You’ll have full access to our various case studies, project and application spotlights, brochures and one-pagers. Our knowledge is your knowledge. Allow our years of industry experience to benefit your company.


Our company was founded in 2004 in recognition of a burgeoning need to provide sophisticated test and measurement applications at lower cost and in a shorter time than had ever before been possible. Our customers benefit from the skills of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers with a wide variety of experiences in mechanical design, electronics, dynamics, acoustics and computer science.

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