DSA 2.9 - Sound and Vibration Analyzer

Dynamic Sound & Vibration Analysis Software

DSA 2.9 is a mixed-signal sound and vibration analysis software tool that offers the essential capabilities for routine sound and vibration projects, plus the ability to include strain, torsion, current, temperature and more. In DSA 2.9, you will find a rich feature set that includes frequency and order domain spectral analysis, octave band analysis, Zwicker stationary loudness, time/frequency analysis, impact FRF acquisition, order analysis and more. DSA 2.9 is designed to utilize a range of NI’s data acquisition products and will support mixed-signal devices alongside NI’s dynamic data acquisition hardware. NI’s CompactDAQ platform offers a single-slot USB sleeve that is powered from your laptop. In cDAQ, you can also scale up to a 4- or 8-channel USB chassis. The PXI platform gives you this and much more with 4- to 18-slot PXI and PXIe chassis.