Use Shield to design metric formulations and automate signal acquisition, processing and decision making in production and laboratory settings. Assess quality and functional performance through automated dynamic data and metric-based decision making.

Trove is used to retrieve, archive and make available data from an automated data acquisition or test. Once set up, Trove developes an environment where data consumers can collaborate to explore and improve processes and products alike.

STAX Automation Technology is an embedded software framework that bridges the gap between traditional PLC automation and PC-based programming. STAX enables control and high-speed data acquisition and processing to be combined into one hardware platform.

DSA 2.9 is designed to utilize a range of NI’s data acquisition products offering everything typically used on a day-to-day basis for sound and vibration projects. DSA 2.9 is a mixed-signal sound and vibration analysis software tool that offers advanced capabilities for routine sound and vibration projects.

The Scout TDMS Editor is an easy-to-use tool for viewing Technical Data Management Streaming data files and editing property values. View channel data in either graphical or tabular form and create and interact with cursors for basic math functions and filtering.

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