New Communication Protocols for Shield

At Signal.X Technologies we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our customers solve problems. One area where we have focused lately is in expanding the communication protocols supported by our Shield NVH Assessment platform. As Shield has grown to cover more and more use cases, so too has the number of ways in which it can interface with the production line.

The real-time embedded controller currently supports a number of schemes including TCP/IP, EthernetIP, DeviceNET, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and Modbus. We are actively developing other capabilities including OPC UA.

On the test controller side, we offer a self-contained .NET API and other cost-savers including a plugin for NI VeriStand. We also offer integration and custom development services for those interested in a more tailor-made solution.

And by following industry-leading modular design practices, we ensure that we always have the ability to expand these communication protocols and offerings. Contact a sales engineer to discuss your needs today!