Michigan Tech University Produces First Batch of Bio-Oil Using PAX Technology

Michigan Tech Pic
The first batch of bio-oil produced by the Pyrolysis Biofuels Pilot Plant at Michigan Tech University

Back in March, Signal.X traveled up to Houghton in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to commission a Pyrolysis Biofuels Pilot Plant for Michigan Tech University. This plant converts biomass such as wood chips into liquid bio-oil that can later be turned into hydrocarbon transportation fuel. Signal.X created a controls and data acquisition system that integrated process control, temperature control, data-logging and visualization. At the core, this system is running PAX Automation Technology, which blends PC and PLC capabilities into a single system.

Driving 10 hours north in Michigan in March was like traveling two months back in time to the dead of winter. Though we enjoyed the UP experience – friendly people and delicious pasties – it was cold! So last week, we were pleased to learn that our hard work paid off. The Pilot Plant successfully completed its first run and produced its first batch of bio-oil.

Signal.X is thrilled to have been able to work on such an exciting research project, especially because of the direct application in sustainable energy.