Embedded Specialty

Having recently gone through the ordeal of attaining my certification for LabVIEW Embedded Developer (CLED), I thought now was an opportune time to talk about why Signal.X is part of the Embedded Specialty partners, and what it really means.

According to the NI website, the Embedded Specialty “recognizes partners with proven success in designing medium- to large-scale embedded control and monitoring applications.” This is a select group of partners that provide a high level of expertise in control system development, and in the CompactRIO and other platforms from NI.

Looking around the room at our development team, I realize that almost everyone in the office is working on an embedded application, and that our CompactRIO experience is running deeper than ever. From a 3,000-point biorefinery to a small fatigue tester, we have developed a familiarity with embedded system development that allows us to take on projects large and small.

Our experience is key in helping us to build our STAX solution for NVH and functional test automation – building systems that survive on the plant floor 24/7 while executing sophisticated measurement and analysis. Embedded development becomes a philosophy that helps us all develop smarter, more efficient systems. Contact us to see how we can help you.