The Signal.X / University of Cincinnati Co-op Program: The Signal.X Perspective

Since the inception of our co-op program through the University of Cincinnati in 2012, Signal.X has employed one to two student co-ops per semester. Co-ops’ backgrounds range from engineering to computer science, and all find hands-on projects here that utilize and improve their specific skill sets. In addition to gaining valuable workplace experience, co-ops also receive class credit at UC.

We highly encourage anyone seeking a for-credit co-op to contact us, especially if their college or university requires a co-op term as part of its graduation criteria. Co-ops are housed together in a condo near downtown Northville, approximately 10 minutes away from the Signal.X office. Northville, Michigan is located about halfway between Ann Arbor and Detroit, approximately half an hour away from each. Both cities have many venues for concerts and sporting events (rivalry football game at the Big House, anyone?), as well as several art and science museums. You’re here to work, but we want you to have fun as well!

For those of us at Signal.X, the biggest perk of the co-op program is that it benefits all parties involved. Our office benefits from energetic employees with fresh perspectives, and our co-ops receive college credit as well as hands-on experience in their fields. And since we are located so close to the Motor City, many of the hands-on experience relates directly to the automotive industry, something that can excite computer scientists and engineers alike.

“The varied work keeps it interesting,” says Alex, a second-term co-op whose major at UC is computer engineering. From coding and programming to panel building and circuit wiring, Signal.X co-ops’ main focus and biggest takeaway is experience in creative problem solving.