The Signal.X / University of Cincinnati Co-op Program: The Co-op Perspective, Part 4

Hi my name is Evan. I am a third year, but first co-op, computer engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. Coming to Signal.X and Michigan to be a co-op was a great choice because I like to experience new things in life and learn new things. I started out my co-op semester from not knowing really anything about the real-world applications of computer engineering, to learning literally something new every day. Whether that was programming a new application, making custom hardware and wiring circuits (which I have never done before), or helping put together their new workshop area. This experience here at Signal.X was eye-opening and I learned a lot about engineering. I don’t know if I would’ve gotten the same experience at any other company. I was given a lot of work here and they depended on me. I felt I was a part of the team here at Signal.X and I felt very welcomed.