The Signal.X / University of Cincinnati Co-op Program: The Co-op Perspective, Part 1

I started working for Signal.X in January 2016. Since then, I have been learning information and skills, working with helpful and knowledgeable people, and taking part on various projects.

My journey began with learning about LabVIEW programming; I started reading through and doing exercises from course manuals to get an understanding about how LabVIEW worked. After a while, I was working on more hardware-related projects. While working on these projects, I was able to learn about several electrical components such as relays, switches, terminal strips, and drivers. In addition, I learned how to wire control panels. I learned about which wires to use for different voltage sources and how to crimp, label, solder, and connect wires to various electrical components. I learned about how the digital and analog inputs and outputs communicate with each other. Wiring schematics was another thing I learned about.

The change from living in Ohio to working as a co-op in Michigan has been a wonderful experience. I am only three hours away from home so I can still head back on the weekends and visit my family. Also, I the condo I get to stay in is a lot more spacious than the dorm back at college.