Technology Spotlight: PAX Automation

Many industrial clients are looking to benefit from the capabilities of LabVIEW software and National Instruments hardware, but lack advanced LabVIEW programming skills. In response, Signal.X has created PAX automation technology, which has allowed us to deliver full-featured yet configurable applications that do not require advanced LabVIEW programming knowledge to adapt and maintain. The powerful PAX architecture blends PC and PLC capabilities into a single system, purposefully built to meet industrial uptime reliability expectations. PAX capitalizes on LabVIEW’s inherently parallel architecture while providing an easy way to organize and map I/O into independent and interdependent sequences. Control systems incorporating PAX feature the straightforward reliability typical of PLCs with the computational, display and data management flexibility of a PC.

To learn more about PAX automation technology, click here. If you have any questions about PAX or would like to learn how PAX can be applied to your needs, please contact us.