Scout User Review 1

Submitted by Michael T: “This program is exactly what we need. Being able to graph multiple variables is great. I also like the option to export the variables you’ve selected right to .csv … I’m more familiar using Matlab to perform data analysis and statistics than I am with LabVIEW. Those two pieces of funtionality make it easy to view the data, determine what subsets are important, and export only the data you need. You can then export a much smaller .csv with all of the samples logged in the TDMS for a specific set of variables, and take that to whatever post processor you use.”

Thanks Michael! We’re glad you find Scout so ideal for your purposes. For readers who haven’t yet tried Scout, you can download it here for free. A tip when following the link: To download Scout Lite for free, click on the blue “Download” at the bottom of the bulleted product description. To purchase Scout Pro, use the green Add-to-Cart button.

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