Revision Management – Why it Matters

Here at Signal.X, we have been hard at work adding features to our STAX Automation Technology around revision management.  As we roll out these new features, this seems like a good chance to discuss why we put so much effort into this, and why it is important to our customers.

STAX is an automation framework designed to facilitate the combination of traditional PLC-style automation with the high speed data acquisition typically found in end-of-line testing.  In this application, there are two main reasons why revision management becomes critical:

  • Managing a fleet of test systems that are running similar tests, but with different parts or with slightly different models or configurations.
  • Tracking the evolution of a test or control sequence over time, including being able to revert back to older revisions

In order to achieve these goals, our development team has been adding not only revision management, but enhancing the deployment process, adding authorization levels and login credentials for managing targets, and providing more contextual feedback for the users as they manage and deploy STAX configurations. We are excited about these additions, and believe that they will make the management and maintenance of STAX machines more intuitive and scalable over time.  Please contact us if you want to learn more.