Project Spotlight: Seat Adjuster Track Tester

Translating the human perception of sound into a quantifiable understanding has been a challenge over the years in the field of NVH. Signal.X has been continuously improving its tools with unique algorithms to objectify a passenger’s subjective perception of seat adjusters. Traditionally, the quality of seat adjusters in a production environment has been evaluated using a subjective test performed in a quiet chamber by a human. The Seat Adjuster Track Tester is an automated system in end-of-line production testing that not only improves the production efficiency but drives the industry to provide the best quality of seats for the end user.

With a customer-centric approach, we have developed an interactive platform that reflects the computationally intensive signal processing to identify defective parts into a simplified set of sound and vibration quality metrics for a common person’s understanding working in the production plant. Apart from differentiating the defective parts, the metrics also provide a guide to the type of defects to be looked into at the repair bay station.

We are excited to unleash our newly developed set of metrics into the production world of seat adjusters. Click here to learn more about the Seat Adjuster Track Tester, Signal.X’s turnkey solution. To view our full publications catalog, click here.