Project Portfolio Spotlight: Enterprise-Wide Sequence and Data Acquisition System

Enterprise-Wide Test Sequence

A major Tier 1 automotive supplier contracted Signal.X to build a test sequencing and data acquisition application that would replace an aging set of in-house LabVIEW applications. This application had several challenging requirements:

  • Support PCI, PXI and USB data acquisition hardware from National Instruments
  • Combine analog, digital, counter and CAN signals into one application
  • Create a flexible test sequencing application that allows for branching, limits, safe shutdown sequences, etc.
  • Standardize all data acquisition files in TDMS format for integration with a central lab server system
  • Create a modern user interface with a high level of flexibility

Signal.X created a state-of-the-art application named Yeti for this customer. It has been deployed across a wide range of labs for many different purposes, and has helped our customer to globally standardize on a single application.

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