NVH Machine Design

Top 3 Considerations When Designing NVH Production Machines:

As the average consumer becomes more discerning, the trickle-down of noise and vibration characteristics from product to subsystem will continue to drive component suppliers to evaluate those metrics as part of their manufacturing process. Motors, fans, actuators and smaller components are now being subjected to rigorous scrutiny by the end customer to ensure that noise and vibration characteristics are being held to tight limits as part of the standard production process.

However, many of these smaller suppliers and their typical machine builders aren’t used to building a machine that is repeatable when making these kind of measurements. Here is a quick rundown of some of the key areas to watch out for when building a production test machine:

  • Resonance Frequencies
  • Isolation
  • Sensor Location and Touch Points

NVH production machines require a degree of planning and design that surpasses a simple actuation or functional test. Whatever the component or your requirement, Signal.X can bring our experience to bear on your next machine.

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