Mission: Collaboration

As the year draws to a close, we at Signal.X have been reflecting on our past accomplishments and building the vision for the next stage of our company. Reinforced by our experience and interactions with our customers, this vision focuses on an ingredient critical to any business’s success: collaboration. More specifically, our vision upholds the importance of collaboration around an agreed-upon truth derived from data, information, and knowledge. Although the path from data and information to knowledge and insight is not often self-evident, we strive for our vision to facilitate that path.

Collaboration requires three key components: data easily accessible to the individual, data-driven insights absorbed by the entire team, and the realization of insight-inspired improvements determined by the team.

The more we’ve discussed this mission of collaboration in relation to our business’s vision for the future, the more apparent it has become that these ideas are sprouting from seeds planted in our past. Over our first 10 years as a company, we have been building an ecosystem to support this mission all along, even if we didn’t call it by its current name.

As data and insights and improvements continue to produce more data and insights and improvements, our vision becomes more expansive and yet more refined. So stay tuned as we build this vision for automated test in the plant and lab. We believe you will find it not only exciting but also greatly effective at providing real value for you and your company.