Manufacturing Electrification

There is a transformative evolution underway that is reaching to every part of the transportation industry. The electrification transformation is a societal force that will change the way we transport both goods and people. Naturally, this mandates a parallel evolution in design and manufacturing technology as well.

Signal.X has had the unique opportunity to be on the leading edge of this automotive transformation, and we have helped to push (and been pushed by) this industry to modernize, embrace new technologies, and drive these technologies into production testing.

We recognize that electrification means intelligent control is embedded in otherwise common automotive components, and that the role this plays in safety, autonomous driving, and diagnostics is now a part of the next generation of manufacturing test. Production test machines will require new communication and security protocols, new signal processing techniques, and designs that are adaptable, accurate, and fast. As a result, we have been very busy over the last year working to support this transformation with a host of new capabilities on our platforms for end-of-line testing: Shield and STAX

This was recently recognized in National Instruments Automotive Journal, and we have recently published new project spotlights highlighting some of these new initiatives, including full system integration for electric power steering components, and utilizing our STAX platform for integrating ECU control and acquisition. We are also in the process of adding more support videos for our products, and have released the first of those videos for STAX. Read, watch, and enjoy!