Lunch Breaks – An Escape from Work?

Lunch Break 2_Cropped2One of the great things about our facility is that we have access to locker rooms and showers, which means that two or three times a week, I run during lunchtime. This gives me lots of time to think about the goings on at work and the goings on around me, one of which particularly struck me today. One of my routes takes me through a small park, and there are always cars sitting in the parking lot, windows down, passengers eating their lunches. Is this their escape from work? Do they need to get a breath of fresh air? Now, I can certainly understand that doing that every now and then, and there are times when I definitely need a break. But seeing them today made me appreciate all the more the “bar” in our office where we can all sit down to lunch, eat, chat and in general “escape” from work. Just the ability to sit down and eat together brings the team closer.

So, here is to bellying up to the bar, escaping from work and enjoying the people that we work with – all at the same time!