Fun Stuff Friday: Whirlyball!

Happy Friday everyone! If you needed any further proof that engineers know how to have fun, I cite for you our company outing to play – wait for it – whirlyball! Whatyball? Whirlyball. (Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either.) It’s part bumper cars, part jai alai, part basketball. Imagine driving a bumper car whilst wielding a jai alai scoop, using only that scoop to throw/catch/intercept a wiffle ball, and assisting your teammates in somehow accurately lofting said ball ten feet in the air onto a dinner plate-sized target. If that doesn’t sound cool enough, now imagine that your bumper car doesn’t have any brakes. Fun, right?! We may not be the most athletically inclined crew, but we know how to make team sports a blast!