Enclosure Design and Building

At Signal.X, our core business is in designing LabVIEW software architectures, especially for applications to acquire and process Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) data, but our software can also be configured to perform other tasks such as machine control. As a supplement to this business, we design and build enclosures that contain the hardware to run our software and perform tasks that the customer desires. The enclosures we build typically contain NI hardware that is used to collect data and output any control signals. The enclosures also contain a PC running Signal.X software to process, display and transfer data to the end user. Some panels are quite large, built to include motor drives, signal conditioning, uninterruptable power supplies, monitor, keyboard and so on. We are always seeking new opportunities and challenges to conquer. Many of our customers use our products for automotive applications, but we also have customers in power generation, alternative fuel production and medical research. In every scenario, we rise to meet and exceed the expectations of each industry.

Signal.X enclosures are built to a high standard of quality, with excellent documentation and an emphasis on simplicity. This ensures that our customers are happy with the product and that it will remain a valuable investment for their business. The enclosure build team at Signal.X is made up of engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in designing and building enclosures. Our experience is an invaluable resource for reviewing documentation and the physical build.