Big Picture, Small Solution: Exploring Tiny Computers

As a small company, thinking big and thinking outside the box go hand in hand. For one R&D project that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in, we’re going tiny and exploring system on chip modules. Signal.X is committed to staying at the cutting edge of technology to provide the best solutions. Part of that means exploring what it takes to take data collection, processing, and managing and applying it to the hot topic of IoT.

Being able to process data at or near the source is one of the hallmarks of the IoT and a powerful option for full solution manufacturing test systems. Systems on chip have the capability to both collect and analyze data at its source. There are so many applications for this technology and we can’t wait to build and test our first prototypes.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. There are many system on chip options out there. Learning the different interfaces and programming languages is part of the fun with this R&D project. Part of using these small computer modules includes printed circuit board design, managing battery power, and selecting robust components. It has been a great way for the electrical engineers to use their circuit design experience, and the non-electrical engineers to learn.