Automotive Testing Expo 2017 Preview

Stop by our booth to learn more about the Shield workflow via our interactive touchscreen.

The Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI has always been one of the best venues to see all that this industry has to offer. As in past years, Signal.X is excited to be a part of the National Instruments booth (#1000), and we always look forward to the show.

This year, our message will be focused on improving quality through automating noise and vibration measurement and analysis based on our Shield platform. It is no longer enough to just pass or fail a part based on a static vibration measurement and throw the data away.

We have seen through experience deploying end-of-line NVH test systems across the automotive industry just how valuable that data can be when archived, analyzed, and reprocessed to gain new insights.

In an industry full of buzzwords, the Shield platform is a practical and mature application that has been creating real value from data in real manufacturing environments for over 10 years. Come see us to learn more – we look forward to great conversations all week!